Data Analyses We Scrap, We stats

Paris Apartments Rentals Ads
Posted JUN 21, 2017
In this data analysis, we are going to scrap the largest french real estate portal and retrieve all the flat rentals in Paris, using the Go language. With the resulting data, we will do an elementary analysis, to explore how the market behave.

Experiments Practical, fun and mostly random

Counting Twitch Emotes
Posted JUN 28, 2017
In this experiment, we are going to count emoticons from the Twitch chats, using the Elixir language. I will guide you through the usage of the Twitch API, and its IRC server. Let's count, and may the best streamer have the most Kappas!
Double Pendulum Animation
Posted JUN 21, 2017
In this experiment, we are going to build a double pendulum animation, using the canvas API. Some maths knowledge is required, but nothing too complex. This is my first post, any feedback is appreciated!